I Can’t Stop Watching This Very Clumsy Platypus

I Can’t Stop Watching This Very Clumsy Platypus

Doom scrolling on TikTok you come across some very wholesome lovely content, and I’m not talking about the Four Seasons Orlando baby, I’m talking about a very clumsy platypus. 

These animals are Australian icons, not only are they one of two egg-laying mammals, (hello echidnas!) but they are super clumsy, which seems sad but when you see the footage you’ll be ‘aww-ing’ for days.

This little dude is slip-sliding around in a creek and it’s so adorable I’m close to bursting into tears. According to Bush Heritage Australia, they’re clumsy by nature because of their webbed feet. 

“They’re awkward on land, walking on their knuckles to protect the webbing of their feet.”

But their claws are also used for digging. The Queensland Government also calls our fave egg-laying mammals “awkward”

“Awkward on the ground, the platypus waddles with the webs of its front feet turned back so it can use its claws for digging,” they said. 

If you want to know more platypus facts, you’ve come to the right place. Firstly, this animal is quite smol, with males being roughly 50cm long and weighing only 1.5kg, females are smaller and weigh nearly 1kg and are 40cm in length.

A platypus’s tail is used for burrowing and stabilising, I’ve also seen this clumsy critter use its tail to carry twigs and leaves for its nest.

Enjoy 14 seconds of pure clumsy platypus content. 

I’ve also done some extra digging and found 3 minutes and 25 seconds of a cute little platypus living its life and having moments of clumsiness.

And to top it off, here is a baby platypus being released back into the wild.

If my boss is reading this, no I didn’t spend all day watching platypus videos and crying. 

Image: iStock

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