Leslye Headland Is Fine With You Knowing The Acolyte’s Big ‘Spoiler’

Leslye Headland Is Fine With You Knowing The Acolyte’s Big ‘Spoiler’

That big thing you may or may not have heard about The Acolyte? Well, it’s apparently not that big of a thing at all. Leslye Headland, the creator of the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars show, and its star, Amandla Stenberg, spoke to Good Morning America this week and confirmed the speculation, a surefire sign that knowing this about the show isn’t a spoiler after all.

But, because it’s Star Wars and we like to be careful, if you do not want to be spoiled, here’s your last warning.

Headland confirmed to the show that, yes, Stenberg plays two characters on The Acolyte, sisters named Mae and Osha. One chose the path of the light side, the other the path of the dark side, and the show will see those two sides clash in new and interesting ways.

Stenberg said the sisters were “separated by tragedy when they were very young.” Osha joined the Jedi Order and was the apprentice to Master Sol (Lee Jung-Jae) before leaving “because she has so much internal turmoil that she’s not able to connect with the Force in the way that maybe she was destined to.” As for Mae, everyone assumed she was dead but she’s “actually alive and she’s on a warpath,” Stenberg said.

To play both characters Stenberg told GMA she “thought a lot about yin and yang and what the physical embodiment of that would be and the energetic embodiment of that would be.”

So let’s step back here for a second. Why is this coming out now when the show is just a week away? Well, since we were lucky enough to see the first two episodes early, we have a better question: why was it hidden in the first place? This information about Stenberg playing two characters is not hidden in the show. In fact, it’s revealed in basically the second scene. It’s less a mystery and more the actual plot of the entire show. Months ago, Headland was calling the show “Frozen meets Kill Bill” so it was right there all along. Two sisters and revenge. Of course, there’s more to it—a lot more—but we’ll see that unfold on Disney+ starting next week.

Head over to GMA to read more about The Acolyte, including how a character named Mother Aniseya (Jodie Turner-Smith) is going to redefine aspects of the Force.

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