MORNING SPOILERS: Get a Brand New Look at Steven Moffat’s Return to Doctor Who

MORNING SPOILERS: Get a Brand New Look at Steven Moffat’s Return to Doctor Who

The Jim Henson Company’s new Grendel movie has one hell of a cast. Get a glimpse at the return of Totally Spies. Plus, it’s time for Pinocchio to get the horror treatment, what’s coming on Smiling Friends, and more. Spoilers get!


Variety reports the Jim Henson Company has cast Jeff Bridges as Grendel, Dave Bautista as Beowulf, Bryan Cranston as King Hrothgar, Thomasin McKenzie as Queen Wealhtheow, Aidan Turner as Unferth and T Bone Burnett as the Shaper in director Robert D. Krzykowski’s upcoming film adaptation of John Gardner’s novel. Production is set to begin later this year in Europe with practical creature work and design by Jim Henson’s Creature Shop.

Pinocchio: Carved from Darkness

Variety also reports Peter Stormare, Vicki Berlin and Daniel Nuta will star in Pinocchio: Carved from Darkness, a horror film based on Carlo Collodi’s The Adventures of Pinocchio from director Joona Tena. Based on a script by Paulie Siegel, the story sees woodcarver Geppetto (Stormare) “carve a puppet resembling his recently deceased son from a of block of wood discarded at a crime scene and cursed by Agatha, the priestess of a dark cult. As Pinocchio turns into a vengeful killer, a teen named Charlie and his mother Nancy arrive in the town looking for a fresh start. Meanwhile, a detective named Georgina starts investigating Agatha’s crimes. The characters intertwine with some tragic consequences.”

In a Violent Nature

IFC has released a new trailer for In a Violent Nature hyping its grotesque kills.


In a Violent Nature – “Buckle Up” Trailer | HD | IFC Films

Road Wars: Max Fury

We also have a trailer for Road Wars: Max Fury, a Mad Max mockbuster from The Asylum starring The Road Warrior’s Vernon Wells.


ROAD WARS: MAX FURY – Official Trailer

Quantum Leap

TV Line reports NBC has canceled its Quantum Leap reboot after two seasons, and will not move to Peacock.

Dark Matter

Jason2 throws a dinner party in the synopsis for “The Box,” the third episode of Dark Matter.

Leighton and Amanda show Jason his groundbreaking invention. Daniela and Jason2 throw a dinner party.

[Spoiler TV]

Smiling Friends

Mr. Frog runs for president while Allan shops for paperclips in two new clips from the second season of Smiling Friends.


Mr. Frog For President | Smiling Friends New Episode Sneak | adult swim


Smiling Friends – A Allan Adventure promo

Doctor Who

Elsewhere, the Doctor steps on a landmine in the trailer for this week’s episode of Doctor Who, “Boom.”


NEXT TIME | Boom | Doctor Who

Totally Spies

Finally, Totally Spies! returns for an unexpected seventh season this May 12 on Gulli.


Totally Spies! Season 7 Trailer

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