MORNING SPOILERS: Marvels Hunt For Its X-Men Writers Is Getting Closer and Closer

MORNING SPOILERS: Marvels Hunt For Its X-Men Writers Is Getting Closer and Closer

Stop-motion legend Phil Tippett is working on a wild-sounding new movie. Netflix is, somehow, still making an animated series out of Exploding Kittens. More Ted is on the way. Plus, what’s coming up on Doctor Who and Reginald the Vampire. To me, my spoilers!


Jeff Sneider’s latest newsletter has word that Marvel has narrowed down its open assignment to write the X-Men’s MCU debut to a handful of writers, includingRafe Judkins and Michael Lesslie on the shortlist.

Fantastic Four

Meanwhile, Deadline reports that John Malkovich has also joined The Fantastic Four’s cast, in an undisclosed role.


Deadline reports Tatiana Maslany and Rossif Sutherland are attached to star in Keeper, the next film from Longlegs director, Oz Perkins. Based on a script by Nick Lepard, the story concerns “a couple as they escape for a romantic anniversary weekend at a secluded cabin. When Malcolm (Sutherland) suddenly returns to the city, Liz (Maslany) finds herself isolated and in the presence of an unspeakable evil that unveils the cabin’s horrifying secrets.”

Night Comes

Bloody-Disgusting has word actor Jay Hernandez will make his directorial debut with Night Comes, a horror film starring Dafne Keen and Samantha Lorraine. The story reportedly “unfolds against the backdrop of a cataclysmic event that threatens to engulf humanity. Two sisters manage to escape the horror only find themselves thrust into a perilous struggle for survival, tasked with a mission that holds the fate of mankind in the balance.”

Let the Evil Go West

Deadline additionally reports Lily James and Sebastian Stan will star in Let the Evil Go West, a “psychological horror thriller” from director Christian Tafdrup (Speak No Evil). The story concerns “a railroad worker who stumbles upon a fortune under deeply disturbing circumstances. As horrifying visions and manifestations drive him toward madness, his wife becomes convinced that an evil presence has attached itself to their family.”


According to Variety, Phil Tippett is shopping a new stop-motion animated feature titled Sentinel to investors at Cannes. Though details on the plot are currently under wraps, Tippett states his new film will “start off a lot more traditionally” than Mad God, adding, “it’s much more like a traditional war film at the beginning, and the audience will immediately recognize, ‘Oh, it’s like a World War One film’ before the narrative takes a drastic left turn.”


An agoraphobic gamer uses to AI to enhance skills in the trailer for Latency, coming to select theaters this June 14.


Latency (2024) Official Trailer – Sasha Luss, Alexis Ren

Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person

We also have a new trailer for Humanist Vampire Seeking Consenting Suicidal Person.




According to /Film, Ted has been officially renewed for a second season at Peacock.

Doctor Who

The Doctor and Ruby meet the Beatles in the synopsis for “The Devil’s Chord,” the second episode of Doctor Who’s new season premiering this evening.

The Doctor and Ruby meet The Beatles but discover that the all-powerful Maestro is changing history. London becomes a battleground with the future of humanity at stake.

[Spoiler TV]

Reginald the Vampire

Spoiler TV also has an ominous synopsis for “30 Days,” the second episode of Reginald the Vampire’s second season.

Maurice’s first council meeting; Claire’s dubious father; a vengeful exterminating archangel.

Exploding Kittens

Finally, Netflix has released a trailer for its new series based on the Exploding Kittens card game.


Exploding Kittens | Official Trailer | Netflix

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