You Can Ride a Rave Train During Vivid Sydney

You Can Ride a Rave Train During Vivid Sydney

I love a good train ride and I love a good rave, so when I was scrolling TikTok and saw a rave train coming to Vivid, I nearly self-combusted. 

One of my favourite times of the year in Sydney is Vivid when the city lights up and looks magnificent in all its neon, cyberpunk glory. 

Vivid Sydney always has some rogue, over-the-top technology events and this Tekno Train by DJ Paul Mac, is definitely one of them. 

I mean just take a look at the TikTok promoting the event.

On the event page, Vivid Sydney describes it as an “immersive sound experience”. So is it just a train filled with speakers pumping hardcore techno? If so, sign me bloody up!

Explaining the Tekno Train, Paul Mac said he has “reimagined the daily commute” as a symphony with rhythmic beats and pulsing visuals. 

“Trains have always fascinated me. Their mix of rhythmic clicks and clacks, the screech of metal on metal, the sound and smell of air brakes in underground tunnels, and a complex system of signals and points that magically control your journey and destination,” he said. 

But this isn’t just hopping on a train and hearing music, there is actually a journey music commuters take. 

There are two routes, a ‘scenic route’ and the ‘tech express’. The scenic route takes you over the Harbour Bridge and into Lavender Bay. The tech express takes you around the city, if you aren’t a fan of going over the bridge. 

The train leaves at Central Station three times a night during Vivid. The scenic route departs at 6.35pm and the tech express leaves at 8pm and 9.15pm. 

Anyway, to hold you over before the rave train at Vivid Sydney listen to the iconic dance song Just The Thing by Paul Mac

Image: Vivid Sydney/Sony Pictures

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