The New Sonos Roam 2 Speaker Looks Better, and That’s About It

The New Sonos Roam 2 Speaker Looks Better, and That’s About It

While everyone has their mouths agape over the very cool new Sonos Ace headphones, the audio company has also dropped the Sonos Roam 2. 

This is the second iteration of its portable speaker and it comes in some very funky colours and has an ‘updated sleek monochromatic logo’. And sadly. that’s about it in terms of newness. But hey, at least we have the new Ace headphones. 

The first Roam was released a few years ago and it was the company’s first portable speaker, well the Move was, but it was marketed as a portable speaker. Now it has the Sonos Move 2 a portable speaker (that will also give you a workout). 

Sonos said the “sleek monochromatic logo and separate, discrete power and Bluetooth buttons make it easier than ever to use”. Whatever that means. 

In terms of what’s under the colourful exterior nothing has changed, the Sonos Roam 2 still has two class-H amplifiers, one custom mid-woofer and one tweeter. 

It also has a high-efficiency motor that increases power and range and an adjustable EQ. Like most Sonos products it has the Trueplay tuning technology and far-field microphone array. 

Sonos Roam versus the Sonos Roam 2. Image: Sonos

Sonos Roam 2 works between WiFi and Bluetooth, connecting to your WiFi network when in range and automatically re-pairing with your phone via Bluetooth when you’re away. The Roam 2 comes with sound swap where you can hold play/pause to swap the music to the nearest speaker in your system, making it easy to keep the music going when you return home.

The Roam 2 has an IP67 rating, it’s sealed from dust and fully waterproof. Silicone end caps protect it from accidental drops and turbulence in transit.

The Roam 2 has the same battery life as the first Roam, 10 hours and charges via a USB-C cable. When not in use, Sonos Roam 2 falls asleep and retains battery for up to 10 days, according to Sonos. 

Like every Sonos product, you can listen to more than 100 streaming services controlled from the Sonos app, your voice with Amazon Alexa, or Sonos Voice Control, with Apple AirPlay 2, or directly from your music service apps.

The Sonos Roam 2 is $299 and is available now. 

Image: Sonos

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