Medisecure hack: 5 Tech Things to Know in Australia Today

Medisecure hack: 5 Tech Things to Know in Australia Today

Happy Monday! Let’s get into the tech news, shall we?

1. Medisecure not so secure now, huh?

Prescription delivery service Medisecure was involved in a cyber incident where the personal and limited health information of individuals relating to prescriptions, as well as healthcare provider information has been affected by this cyber security incident.

According to Medisecure the cyber security incident relates to data held by MediSecure’s systems up until November 2023. The Department of Home Affairs said it is in the preliminary stages of its response to the incident.

The National Cyber Security Coordinator said it is working with agencies across the Australian Government, as well as states and territories to coordinate a whole-of-government response to this incident.

Those who think they’ve been impacted have been directed to “keep accessing their medications and filling their prescriptions.”

No official numbers of who has been impacted have been released as of yet but The Australian reports the Australian Medical Association is seeking “urgent meetings” with officials to understand who has been impacted by this breach.

2. Digital IDs are coming

The Digital ID bill passed both houses of parliament late last week with the bill to come into affect by November 2024. According to the Department of Finance, this bill provides certainty for the expansion of the Australian Government Digital ID System and for providers and services to apply to join the Government’s system.

3. Macs won’t see M4 in 2024

The new M4 chip that was unveiled a few weeks ago in Apple’s iPad Pro won’t make an appearance in the Mac Pro or Mac Studio until 2025. According to Mr Apple Mark Gurman said the M4 chip will be in every Mac “M4 is headed to every Mac in an end-to-end overhaul of the lineup by 2025,” he said.

4. Sonos is up to something

Speaker maker Sonos has been teasing something on socials, on Instagram (seen below) Sonos said “Coming soon. Our most requested product ever.” Now I wonder what that is? The social post was supposed to start speculation in the comments, instead, Sonos customers were complaining about the new app update. Classic.

5. Sony Music is anti-AI scraping

Music publishing giant Sony Music has released a public declaration against AI systems using its content. In a post, Sony Music said it “expressly prohibits and opts out” of any data mining, or web scraping of any of its produced content from musical compositions to lyrics. The music publisher acknowledges the shift in the music industry but noted that “innovation must ensure that songwriters’ and recording artists’ rights, including copyrights, are respected”.

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Image: Sonos/Apple

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