Tesla’s CyberHammer Makes Sense If You Hit Yourself With It

Tesla’s CyberHammer Makes Sense If You Hit Yourself With It

Despite, well, not being that tough, a big chunk of the Tesla Cybertruck’s perceived value is that it is super duper tough. The automaker seems to have realized this is a winning marketing strategy, so it decided to introduce a new product called the CyberHammer. Much like the truck, it’s just for show.

It’s meant to commemorate the Cybertruck’s unveiling 1,000 years ago when design chief Franz von Holzhausen took a sledgehammer to the site of the stainless steel truck to demonstrate its “toughness.” The spectacle clearly worked on the Tesla faithful. Anyway, just 800 of these hammers were built at $US700 a pop, and I’m sorry to report that they’re already out of stock on Tesla’s website. If you’re a freak who wants one of these things anyway, head over to eBay. They’re being sold anywhere between $US1,000 and $US4,000. Good lord.

Image: Tesla

The hammer itself was designed in Tesla’s design studio and is made of steel, according to the automaker. Its head comes with a laser etching of von Holzhausen’s signature that makes the CyberHammer “a true collectible.” Sure, bud. Sure.

I’m going to guess at this point that you are probably not a fan of the CyberHammer – much like me. It seems very weird and pointless, doesn’t it? Well, folks. It gets even dumber. At the bottom of Tesla’s webpage is a short message that lets everyone know what the CyberHammer is all about.

Note: Do not strike hard surfaces with CyberHammer. Intended for display or gym use.

That’s right, folks. The CyberHammer isn’t really a hammer. It’s a plaything in the same way the Cybertruck isn’t really a truck. It’s a plaything.

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