The Numbers Behind Furiosa: A Mad Max Story Are Mind-Blowing

The Numbers Behind Furiosa: A Mad Max Story Are Mind-Blowing

“Do you have it in you to make it epic?” That’s the question Chris Hemsworth’s Dementus asks in Furiosa: A Mad Max Story, and for at least one person that answer is yes. George Miller, director of Furiosa, does have it in him to make it epic. And, before you even see the movie, there are literal numbers to prove it.

The press notes for the upcoming Mad Max film include some staggering, mindblowing details on the making of the film and after reading them we thought “We have to share this with the world.” So, what are they?

240: The number of combined shoot days over three units of filming. (131 Second/Action Unit, 109 Main Unit)

156: The number of shoot days on location. (84 days were in-studio)

35: Full-time camera technicians who were working on the film.

10,109: The number of miles from Hay, New South Wales, where teams were prepping an action scene, to Cannes, France, where George Miller was premiering his previous movie, while simultaneously taking calls and directing the action.

200: The number of extras in a scene in Gas Town. (149 were in a Bullet Farm scene, and 100 in Citadel scenes)

200: Also the number of stunt performers who worked on the film.

197: The number of shots in the pivotal “Stowaway” action sequence.

78: The number of days, across nine months, it took to shoot that sequence.

52: The number of characters in the “Stowaway” scene.

13: The number of stunt sequences in the film as a whole.

41: The amount of people on motorbikes in a single scene.

40: The number of additional crew members brought aboard on the biggest filming day to help the 16 hair and make-up people and 33 others employed to organize and stage the extras. (So that’s 89 in total on that day just to wrangle.)

105: The number of total characters that were fully designed by hair and make-up.

341: The most people hair and make-up had to deal with in a single day. (280 extras and 61 stunt people)

Now let’s talk vehicles.

145: The number of total vehicles used in the movie (35 cars/trucks, 110 bikes)

98.6: The temperature, in Fahrenheit, on the hottest day of filming.

32: Cameras used on the film.

41: Stunt doubles.

37: Different lenses.

87: Wigs.

4: Stunt doubles for the character of Furiosa.

3: Precision drivers for cars with cameras on them.

5,500: Sheets of tattoo paper used on characters.

120: Liters of clay used for the War Boys.

60: Liters of “makeup dirt” to make “the Wretched.”

26: Most stunt War Boys needed in a day.

35: Sets of teeth made.

83: Age of oldest stunt person.

18: Age of youngest stunt person.

So yeah. Miller and his team sure did have what it takes to make it epic. And what it took is a lot of people and a lot of time.

Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga opens May 24. We’ll have much more soon.

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