Mobile Provider Vaya Is Bye-A, Here Are the Best Alternatives

Mobile Provider Vaya Is Bye-A, Here Are the Best Alternatives

Mobile provider Vaya will soon cease operations, as of April 22, the telco stopped accepting new customers. It will start migrating existing ones to amaysim later in May. Both providers are owned by Optus, and operate over the Optus Network, but their plan pricing and inclusions aren’t identical.

As such, mobile plan details and pricing may change. Vaya started sending out notices to its customers on April 22 with details on when their service will be transferred, and which new amaysim plan will be on offer.

While amaysim has a good reputation for customer satisfaction and affordable prices, it’s not always the cheapest option. So this might be a good time to consider other cheap mobile plans on the market. Thankfully, we’ve got you covered.

If you want to save even more money, consider switching providers every six months or so – a lot of telcos offer introductory discounts, so you can seriously drop your monthly bill by taking a few minutes to find a new plan a couple of times per year. It’s pretty easy to do these days, and there’s usually a negligible (if any) gap in service.

Here are some of the cheapest mobile plans in the market right now:

If you need a cheap plan with a decent amount of data, these plans have at least 20GB:

For the data-hungry, these plans offer at least 50GB of data:

Another money-saving alternative is to opt for a 365-day prepaid plan. The unlimited talk and text of these plans make them great value for people who make a lot of calls and SMS, but who only need a small or moderate amount of data. 

The only potential downsides are the larger initial cost, and that you have to keep an eye on your data usage across the year. But in the long run, they can save you a decent chunk of change.

Here are some of the cheapest 365-day mobile plans from other telcos on the market:

Alex Angove-Plumb is a journalist at WhistleOut, Australia’s phone and internet comparison website

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