Vodafone’s Double Data Deal Is Back And You Can Score Big Savings

Vodafone’s Double Data Deal Is Back And You Can Score Big Savings
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If you’re looking to get a mobile plan with more bang for your buck, Vodafone is currently running a promotion where you can get double the data for as long as you’re with the telco.

To get these double data deals, you’ll need to make sure you’re a new Vodafone customer, and either bring your own device or bundle in a handset with the provider. The double data capacities also last for the entire life of your plan, meaning you’ll get double data every month.

If you want to know exactly how much data you can get your hands on, keep reading.

What do Vodafone’s double data mobile plans look like?

There are three different plans you can get. Each one also comes with unlimited standard national calls and texts, and unlimited international texts. The medium and large SIM-only plans also come with unlimited international calls to Zone 1 countries and 300 minutes of international calls to Zone 2 countries.

These plans are contract-free, so there’s no exit fee if you find something better. However, any unused data won’t roll over to the next month, so you’ll need to make sure you use it all to get your money’s worth.

It’s also likely you’ll have access to Vodafone’s 5G network. Of course, it depends on your location, but you can double-check here.

Here’s how Vodafone’s double data deals shake out:

  • $49 per month: now 100GB, instead of 50GB
  • $59 per month: now 360GB, instead of 180GB
  • $69 per month: now 720GB, instead of 360GB

This offer is available until June 3.

How does Vodafone’s double data deal compare with other mobile providers?

Despite the double data deal, Vodafone’s 100GB plan isn’t much of a deal when compared to what other plans are providing. There are a fair few MVNOs that are offering plans with a 100GB data allowance (or more) for less than $45 per month, like Circles.Life, Moose Mobile and Spintel.

Here’s a list of mobile plans with at least 100GB of data:

However, where this Vodafone offer really shines is through its two larger plans. When compared to the large data mobile plans being offered by the other providers that make up the Big Three – Optus and Telstra – Vodafone is offering the better value.

Optus is offering 500GB for $69 per month for the first six months you’re with the provider (usually $89 per month), while Telstra‘s 300GB plan is $95 per month. Compare that to Vodafone’s mobile plans, where you’ll get – 360GB for $59 per month and 720GB for $69 per month – which, depending on the plan you go with, are cheaper with a bigger data allowance.

It’s worth noting that Circles.Life has a 440GB plan that’s cheaper than all of Vodafone’s plans at the outset – but this is strictly a limited-time data boost that will revert to 160GB after six months.

Here’s a list of mobile plans with at least 200GB of data:

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