50 Hilarious Moments From Live TV History

50 Hilarious Moments From Live TV History

What’s the funniest moment of live TV you’ve ever seen? That was the question tweeted by a user on X less than a week ago. And it’s produced some of the most hilarious examples of weird broadcasting history that you can imagine.

There’s that time a poor TV host tried to stomp grapes to make wine, the time two old-school news reporters started talking tough, and way too many awkward segues to mention. There are, of course, enough sexual innuendos and word flubs to fill a book.

At the dawn of American TV broadcasting in the 1940s, all TV was live. That’s one of the reasons so few of the earliest shows survive. If you wanted to preserve a live broadcast, you’d have to literally film a TV monitor using a technology called the kinescope.

Obviously, we’ve come quite a long way since the 1940s but it’s kind of amusing that so many of the clips being shared today work in much the same way. They’re recorded on our phones directly from TV screens before they finally go viral by getting passed around on social media sites like Facebook, X, and Instagram.

Today we’ve got some of the funniest examples being shared thanks to that genius prompt. Do you have a favorite live TV moment you don’t see on your list? What truly classic moment did we miss? Let us know in the comments.

He was what?


“10 siblings?”

Grape Lady


A slight increase


The importance of pauses


And it starts right now


Has anybody seen Ben?


“Oh, we’re live?”


“Why does that make you giggle?”


There’s history between these two


Conservative Australian politician Bob Katter has thoughts on gay marriage


“That’s the wrong video…”


When you’re very shocked

“A whole host of things you could do with that…”

“Our live coverage continues…”


“Excuse me…”


Why are you so angry?


What’s the worst that can happen?


That plastic bag has thoughts


That’s not a proper name


“I am so ready…”


Segues are so important



“Everything is fine…”


Same difference


Reasonable response


Yikes, George


Lincoln’s what?


“Who do you think you are?”

“Check your panties.”


“Wickenburg is a total loss…”


Chris P. Bacon


“I have no idea how that happened.”


A foolproof plan


“We’ve very clearly run the wrong pictures…”


“Everyone in McKinney is dead.”

“It’s your birthday, I’ll let it pass.”


“But back here at home…”


“And that’s not it…”

“If my grandmother had wheels…”


“It’s really cool because it records much more accurately…”



Dee… Dee…

Sounds like a done deal


Fixin’ to blow it up

Settle down bro




“How is that possible?”


“Porch pirates… yes.”


“Would you not eat my pants…”


“That got me good…”