Adult Swim’s Got More Superman and New Animated Shows on the Horizon

Adult Swim’s Got More Superman and New Animated Shows on the Horizon

If you’re a fan of My Adventures with Superman, good news: it’s getting another season.

During Warner Bros. adult animation-focused panel at Annecy, Adult Swim revealed the DC Comics romcom series was renewed for a third season. The show’s currently in the midst of airing season two, and it’s good to hear it’ll be coming back for more. io9 took a shine to the show when it came out last year, and its sophomore season’s managed to build on all the parts that worked. The renewals of Superman and fellow Adult Swim show Smiling Friends is good news on its own, but Adult Swim didn’t just stop there.

At the panel, Adult Swim also revealed some of the shows it’s currently got in production. Genre-wise, there’s an animated adaptation of Jillian Tamaki’sSuperMutant Magical Academy webcomics in the works from her and Regular Show creator J.G. Quintel. The series will star Marsha, a new student at a high school where the students are a mix of mutants and human kids, each with their own powers they’ll contend with while in class and being regular teens. Think X-Men, but with magic as a bigger central focus.

Speaking of adaptations, Adult Swim is also producing an animated series based on Get Jiro!, the 2012 Vetigo comic by Joel Rose, the late Anthony Bourdain, Alé Garza, and Langdon Foss. Like the comic, the show will be set in a near-future post-apocalyptic Los Angeles where chefs basically function as warlords of the city and citizens aare literally killing each other to try their food. Enter Jiro, a mysterious sushi chef who shows up into town one day and turns everything on its head while pursuing revenge.

Adult Swim didn’t offer any footage to show for any of these shows, but hopefully we get a look at Jiro and SuperMutant in the near future. As for My Adventures with Superman, it’s airing a new episode tonight on Adult Swim and will be on Max the following day.

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