Cybertruck Cop Cars Could Be Just Over the Horizon

Cybertruck Cop Cars Could Be Just Over the Horizon

The Tesla Cybertruck might be little more than a punchline after six months on the road, but that hasn’t stopped people from celebrating Elon Musk’s vision for the future. So we shouldn’t be surprised that some folks want to turn the Cybertruck into a cop car and have even designed modifications to make that a reality.

Unplugged Performance, a vehicle alterations company based in the small L.A.-adjacent municipality of Hawthorne, California—the headquarters of SpaceX— posted a video showing off what a Cybertruck police vehicle might look like recently. And it’s drawing lots of comments.

“Now this is cool. Imagine getting pulled over by this? Not sure if I would be worried or fangirling,” one user wrote on the Cybertruck Owners Forum.

Others compared the look of the modified Cybertruck to something out of the classic 1982 sci-fi film Blade Runner. The comparison obviously makes sense, given that Harrison Ford plays a cop, though Cybertrucks can’t fly like Rick Deckard’s car.


The police-focused arm of Unplugged Performance, UP-FIT, already advertises a “Tactical” Cybertruck, billed as the company’s “most ballistics capable Patrol vehicle,” though it’s not clear if any police departments have actually made orders yet.

As Popular Science reports, UN-FIT has already sold modifications to the Anaheim Police Department for the Tesla Model Y. And PopSci spoke to the president of Unplugged Performance, Ben Schaffer, who told the news outlet that the company is “indeed working with police departments as it relates to Cybertruck Police vehicles,” without getting into any details.

For what it’s worth, Tesla CEO Elon Musk seems to embrace the idea that Cybertrucks could be used by police. The Rosenberg Police Department in Texas tagged Musk in a tweet back in January, saying, “It’s still hard to find new vehicles to replenish our older police units. Should we make the change in 2024?” Musk replied positively.


Unplugged Performance didn’t immediately respond to a message sent Thursday morning. Gizmodo will update this post if we hear back. In the meantime, it seems like a very real possibility that we could be seeing Cybertruck cop cars in the future. So try not to crack up if you’re pulled over soon by a cop who wants to show you all the very cool things his vehicle can do.

They’re not laughing with you, officer. They’re laughing at you.

Image: Comedy Central/Cybertruck Owners Forum

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