Everything We Know About Samsung’s Upcoming Smartwatches Ahead of Unpacked

Everything We Know About Samsung’s Upcoming Smartwatches Ahead of Unpacked

Samsung teased the Galaxy Ring earlier this year when it introduced the Galaxy S24 series of smartphones. Naturally, this sparked a flurry of rumors about what’s to come and what the wearable could be like. But Samsung is still making smartwatches, too. Based on the hearsay, 2024 may be the year the company pulls out all the stops for its wearable offerings.

Throughout the product cycle, we rely on leaks and hot-mic’d executives to decipher what will be available next to buy off the shelves. Based on evidence circulating Android blogs, we might know what Samsung’s smartwatch plans are this year. It could include a Samsung Galaxy Watch FE, or “fan edition,” and a revamped design for its pricier offering. We’re also hoping for an updated look for the regular Galaxy Watch. The design is getting a bit long in the tooth in its third generation.

When to expect new Samsung smartwatches

Samsung typically updates its smartwatches alongside a smartphone release in the summertime (in the northern hemisphere). Since Samsung put the Note out to pasture, the company has updated its smartwatches alongside the foldables. When the Z Fold and Z Flip get new details, so do the wearables.

Rumors allege the event will be nearly a month earlier than expected in 2024 because Samsung wants to get ahead of the Paris Olympics for promotional reasons.

Galaxy Watch 7

Will the Galaxy Watch stay circular or flirt with a more rectangular shape? The rumor mill thinks so. It lends credence to the idea that this release is meant to convert iPhone users. However, the design rumor is not substantiated.

The most significant change to the Galaxy Watch 7 will likely be its internals. Samsung will update the watch’s processor, which will likely be more energy efficient in some capacity—maybe even plucking ideas from the OnePlus Watch 2‘s co-processor playbook.

One of the more exciting pieces of information we got this year regarding smartwatch feature offerings came directly from a Samsung press release. In February, Samsung proudly announced that the sleep apnea feature it developed for the Galaxy Watch was authorized by the FDA for U.S. users. It had already gained approval in South Korea. Samsung said the feature would arrive in the “third quarter” of this year to select wearable devices, which is when it’s expected to announce all the new products.

Galaxy Watch ‘Pro’

The Galaxy Watch 7 “Pro,” akin to the Apple Watch Ultra series, is joining the regular-for-everyone model. It’s an update to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. According to a Korean regulatory listing, it will come with a big battery, nearly 600mAh.

Samsung seemingly confirmed a new premium model would join the Galaxy Watch 7 in its first quarter earning results of the year. “For smartwatches, the MX Business will strive to meet demand for upgrades through the launch of new premium models.”

Galaxy Watch FE

Samsung has always made “special” editions of its hardware for fans. The “fan editions,” or FE, don’t offer all the bells and whistles of the flagship Samsung devices—or the aesthetic.

The Galaxy Watch FE, or “fan edition,” is like its smartphone predecessors. It exists as a cheaper way to get access to a Galaxy Watch and Samsung Health. Its IMEI numbers were spotted earlier in the year, and it was released without much fanfare.

This article has been updated since it was originally published.

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