Google Could Be Cooking Up a New Nest Thermostat With Soli Radar

Google Could Be Cooking Up a New Nest Thermostat With Soli Radar

It’s been a while since we’ve heard from Google about the smart home, but a recent new FCC listing related to the company suggests something on the horizon.

9to5Google reports on an FCC listing submitted by Google, titled simply, “wireless device.” Most of what’s available at the link includes test results and documentation relating to the different wireless connections of the device.

There is mention of 2.4GHz LAN capability—typically used for long-range internet connection for smart home devices—and Bluetooth, which helps with sensing the proximity of other devices, like smartphones, smartwatches, and other smart home gadgets. But most notably, the “wireless device” features a 60Hz spectrum of connectivity, suggesting that Soli is a part of whatever this device is.

Google’s Soli radar technology debuted on the Pixel 4 over five years ago. It originally debuted in 2015 at the company’s developer conference as a way to pan through screens with a smartwatch. Currently, Soli powers the proximity sensor in the 2020 release of the Nest Thermostat and sleep tracking on the 2021 Nest Hub.

There are a few theories about what this “wireless device” will be like and why it has a Soli radar. 9to5Google is the originator of the Nest Thermostat theory, though it’s specifically referring to the Nest Learning Thermostat, which hasn’t had an update in nearly ten years. It would be nice to see Google relaunch the thermostat that had started it all with a model refreshed with all the modern technology that Google has built into its ecosystem. The Verge also shared a theory that it’s likely not another Nest Hub, which I agree with. The excitement behind the term “smart home” has fizzled out in recent months as everyone is still struggling to adapt to the advent of AI.

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