Indiana Jones & the Great Circle Whips Up a Frosty New Trailer

Indiana Jones & the Great Circle Whips Up a Frosty New Trailer

Earlier this year, we got our first real look at Indiana Jones & the Great Circle. The game, coming from Wolfenstein developer MachineGames, puts players in Indy’s hat between Raiders and Last Crusade, and has the adventurer hunting for mysterious sites around the globe that form a perfect circle.

During its just-concluded Xbox showcase, Great Circle made an appearance with a brand new trailer, most of it focused on Indy and his accomplice Gina Lombardi in the Himalayas. While checking out a shipwrecked battleship for a potential clue, it isn’t long before the pair are intercepted by a Nazi party. What happens next is classic Indiana Jones: Indy gets cpatured and the Nazi leader threatens him while taking potshots at both him and American culture before Gina gets Indy out of his bind. Things get complicated when the battleship starts to teeter off the mountain.


Official Showcase Reveal: Indiana Jones and the Great Circle – Xbox Games Showcase 2024

Beyond the original movies, Great Circle looks mainly like it’ll be influenced by the likes of Uncharted and recent Tomb Raider games…which themselves were influenced by Indy, so it’s definitely full circle. (Or a great circle, even.) The game certainly looks the part, since it has everything these movies are known for: a lot of whip usage, beautiful locales, menacing henchmen, and of course Nazis getting repeatedly punched in the face. MachineGames previously talked up the game’s faithfulness to its source material, and this new trailer makes it clear they’re really working to make this a definitive Indy game.

Indiana Jones & the Great Circle is expected to release on PC and Xbox Series X|S later this year.

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