Let Me Drive The Motorcycle-Powered Bathtub

Let Me Drive The Motorcycle-Powered Bathtub

I don’t like taking baths, I’m more of a shower guy. Pouring dozens of gallons of clean water and turning it into a filthy human stew is not my idea of fun, but if you were to take that tub and put it on wheels with a 120-horsepower Yamaha superbike engine in it, I might be convinced. My bathtub can’t go from 0-60 in 3.4 seconds, but this one can. Yeah, I’d spend a lot more time in the bath if it were this wild hillclimbing burnout and drift monster.

Just like when a treasure chest turns out to actually have been a mimic, driver Hannes Roth decided to turn an average everyday object into a fire-spitting creature that scrabbles its way along the ground. I’m not sure what brand of magic he used to fabricate this creature from whole cloth, but it must have been dark and demonic in nature. There is no other explanation than dark sorcery to explain a 16,000 RPM four-cylinder engine in a four-wheeled ceramic cistern.

I don’t have much experience driving bathtubs, but I’d really like the opportunity to attempt a ride astride this hellbeast. I’m pretty sure, given the chance, I could break it, tame it, bend it to my will. We will ride eternal through the gates of hell and defeat the chief cretin himself. Hannes, please let me drive your tub. I think it would be fun. It sure looks like a lot of fun.


This is the World’s Fastest Bathtub 😂 | 16.000rpm Yamaha R6 4-cylinder engine 2024 Hillclimb Hemberg

The above video shows Hannes’ exhibition run during the 2024 Bergrennen Hemberg event in Switzerland earlier this month. He’s pretty skilled at driving bathtubs, don’t you agree?

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