MORNING SPOILERS: Russell T Davies Is Already Writing a Third Doctor Who Season

MORNING SPOILERS: Russell T Davies Is Already Writing a Third Doctor Who Season

The next Jurassic movie might have found its new title—and its big premise. Bitsie Tulloch teases the comic book inspirations behind Superman & Lois’ final season. Plus, Astro Boy is getting a new reboot. Spoilers, away!

Jurassic World 4/Jurassic City

According to Variety, Jurassic World 4 could be titled Jurassic City and is described as “a completely fresh take launching a new Jurassic era, following three adults and three teens getting stuck on the Island.” Universal is currently planning filming locations in Thailand, Malta and the U.K.

Space Cadet

A Florida party girl trains to become an astronaut in the trailer for Space Cadet, a new comedy at Amazon starring Emma Roberts, Tom Hopper, Poppy Liu and Gabrielle Union.


Space Cadet – Official Trailer | Prime Video

The Imaginary

We also have a trailer for The Imaginary, a new animated film in which a young girl and her imaginary friend “discover a magical world of creatures and places never before seen until a sinister force threatens to destroy their imaginary world.”


The Imaginary | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Institute

According to Deadline, Ben Barnes and Mary Louise Parker are attached to star in The Institute, an adaptation of Stephen King’s 2019 novel from Jack Bender (Lost, Mr. Mercedes), writer/executive producer Benjamin Cavell (Justified, The Stand) and MGM+ Studios. The series is said to focus on “12-year-old genius” Luke Ellis after he’s kidnapped and awakens at The Institute, “a facility full of children who all got there the same way he did, and who are all possessed of unusual abilities. In a nearby town, haunted former police officer Tim Jamieson (Barnes) has come looking to start a new life, but the peace and quiet won’t last, as his story and Luke’s are destined to collide.” Parker is said to play Ms. Sigsby, “the charming but iron-willed director of the Institute and a true believer in its awful mission.”

Doctor Who

During a recent interview with The Radio Times (via Screen Rant), Russell T. Davies revealed he’s now writing a fourth script for a potential third season of Doctor Who—despite one having yet to be commissioned by either Disney or the BBC.

I’m working on the fourth script now for season 3. It’s not actually commissioned, that’s still up in the air. But that’s the same for every TV programme. I shouldn’t say we’re confident, because that’s asking for a fall, but we’re very confident, to be honest. And we’ll just keep going.

I can’t stop, that’s the problem!

Ncuti’s off to do a play, The Importance of Being Earnest. And so were coming back after that. Amazingly, we might be shooting those scripts early next year. Those scripts have to be ready by about August, for prep. And it’s June. We’re not behind – but all my deadlines are just going to slap me in the face like mad. That’s my summer ruined, ha!

Smiling Friends

However, Adult Swim has confirmed Smiling Friends has been officially renewed for a third season on Twitter.


Superman & Lois

During her recent appearance at this year’s Superman Celebration event (via Youtube), Bitsie Tulloch teased the premiere episode of Superman & Lois’s fourth season is both “bananas” and “based on one of the comics.”

You guys are not going to believe the first episode. It’s bananas. It’s emotional. What they did was based on one of the comics. It was a very bold decision on their part to do this and to pull it off for the first episode of season 4.

[Screen Rant]

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Casting director Jenny Jue has released an open call for Toph, the blind earthbender, who is set to make her debut in the second season of Netflix’s live-action Avatar series.


Astro Boy Reboot

Finally, We also have our first look at the upcoming Astro Boy reboot series, apparently—but not inappropriately—titled Astro Boy Reboot.



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