MORNING SPOILERS: The Boys’ Eric Kripke Teases the One Comic Twist That Will Never Be on the Show

MORNING SPOILERS: The Boys’ Eric Kripke Teases the One Comic Twist That Will Never Be on the Show

Get another look at Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum’s Apollo 11 rom-com, Fly Me to the Moon. Bryce Dallas Howard is directing another episode of Star Wars TV. Umbrella Academy showrunner Steve Blackman promises answers in its season finale. Plus, Superman and Supergirl share their pasts in a new clip from My Adventures With Superman. Spoilers, away!

The Inheritance

In a reversal, potential beneficiaries of a fortune must keep their father alive for one night from angry supernatural forces in the trailer for The Inheritance.

The Inheritance (2024) Trailer – New Horror Movie from Director Alejandro Brugués

The Front Room

Brandy returns to the horror genre 25 years after I Still I Know What You Did Last Summer in the trailer for The Front Room.

The Front Room | Official Trailer HD | A24

Fly Me to the Moon

We also have a new trailer for Scarlett Johansson and Channing Tatum’s Apollo 11 rom-com, Fly Me to the Moon. Not to be confused with the 2008 animated film of the same name about houseflies sneaking aboard the lunar lander.

Fly Me to the Moon — Final Trailer | Apple TV+

Twisted Metal

Variety reports Anthony Carrigan has been cast as Calypso, “the mysterious, charismatic host and creator of a dangerous demolition derby tournament who invites all assassins, vigilantes, mercenaries and joyriders to participate” in the second season of Twisted Metal.

Star Wars: Skeleton Crew

Bryce Dallas Howard confirmed she’s directed an episode of Star Wars: Skeleton Crew in a new interview with Collider.

So, what I’ll say is that I’m doing an episode of Skeleton Crew, which I’m super excited about. I went to college with Jon Watts and his writing partner in this, Chris Ford. And so, that was very exciting and getting to do that.

Interview With the Vampire/The Mayfair Witches

During a recent interview with Collider, executive producer Mark Johnson revealed an undisclosed character from Interview with the Vampire will make an appearance on The Mayfair Witches.

I assumed going into this that it truly was a franchise, and that the Immortal Universe and the Anne Rice world was somehow more connected. But in a strange way, with the shows that we’re making and developing, they aren’t directly connected. You can look at them and say, ‘Oh, that’s Anne Rice, but I don’t know what that is. There was a point when maybe it was a little too schematic that we were trying to insert one character from one story into another and it wasn’t necessarily working. With that said, we’re discovering that there are some characters that it does work with. There’s somebody from Interview that’s going to appear in Mayfair Witches, but she’s much more complicated than I thought she was. In the feature world, I did the three Chronicles of Narnia and it was very easy to figure out different characters you could interlace. That’s not the case here. I think that actually speaks to the strength of Anne’s writing and her creation.

The Boys

Speaking with Variety, The Boys’ showrunner Eric Kripke promised Black Noir will not be revealed to be a Homelander clone as he was in comics.

No, and I don’t mind saying it. In the comics he’s a clone of Homelander this entire time and is actually the one doing all these horrific things. And again, it’s a hell of a twist. But it’s like, well wait, the villain I’ve been following isn’t really the villain. And mileage varies, and I’m sure fans are mad I’m not going that way, but that felt not as satisfying to me. I’m like, if I’m going to follow this villain, I want this guy to be the villain. So I was never really into the clone idea.

Plus, cloning feels like too — I’m going to sound silly — but cloning feels too magical for the show. We try to say that superheroes are the only slippery banana, and that everything else we try to make as grounded as possible.

The Umbrella Academy

During a recent interview with Total Film (via Games Radar), showrunner Steve Blackman promised “a lot of questions will be answered this year” on The Umbrella Academy.

We’ll explain Hargreeves’ motivations; we’ll figure out a way to make them superheroes again, and this apocalypse is different. They don’t know straight away what they’re up against; the fans will be pleased as a lot of questions will be answered this year.

Dark Matter

Spoiler TV has a brief synopsis for “Entanglement,” the season finale of Dark Matter.

Season Finale. The Dessens’ world comes crashing down.

Superman & Lois/The Librarians: The Next Chapter

Deadline reports Superman & Lois will returns for its final season with a special two-hour premiere event on Thursday, October 17 (8:00-10:00pm ET/PT). The Librarians: The Next Chapter will debut the following week on Thursday, October 24 (9:00-10:00pm ET/PT).


AMC+ has released a trailer for the final season of Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer | Final Season Official Trailer | Premieres July 21 on AMC and AMC+

My Adventures With Superman

Finally, Superman learns there are other survivors of Krypton in a clip from this Saturday’s episode of My Adventures With Superman.

EPISODE 6 PREVIEW | My Adventures With Superman | adult swim

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