You’ll Definitely Guess Who Is the Most Distrusted Brand in Australia

You’ll Definitely Guess Who Is the Most Distrusted Brand in Australia

Roy Morgan has released the results of its latest quarterly brand trust rankings, and as you can expect, tech companies and giants embroiled in scandal lead the list on least trust, with one in particular remaining the unfortunate winner.

Optus remains the least trusted brand in Australia for the third consecutive quarter, which shouldn’t be all that surprising. Following the late 2022 data breach and the November 2023 outage, the company has been on a path of rebuilding consumer confidence. In May, it was announced that NBN Co CEO Stephen Rue would step down and take the reins of Australia’s second-largest telco, with a new governance structure being introduced.

“The Board and executives will work together to reset strategy and rebuild customer trust in the Optus brand,” the company said at the time.

Meta, the owner of Facebook and Instagram, remains at number two on the list, also not surprising considering just the sheer volume of controversy the company is constantly embroiled in. And the fact our editor and others can’t do the simple task of logging into their account.

Of tech companies included in the top ten; Telstra retained spot four, Amazon spot six (up one rank), X (Twitter) at spot seven (up two ranks), and TikTok remaining at spot eight.

Of non-tech companies, which we won’t dwell on for too long, consumer trust in Coles fell through the absolute floor this quarter, with the supermarket business plummeting 221 ranks to spot nine on the list. I wonder what that’s about. Qantas was at spot three, News Corp spot five, and Nestle at spot 10.

“Soaring distrust has been driven by companies focusing too much on corporate profits and leaving the customer behind. Hiking prices to maintain profit levels is increasingly being seen as taking advantage of customer loyalty and leading to rising levels of distrust across the economy – and especially for banks and supermarkets.” Roy Morgan CEO Michele Levine said.

That train of thought absolutely goes toward companies like Coles and Woolworths, but can be applied to the tech giants on the list. Amazon, Optus, and Telstra are constantly raising prices, Meta is flooding its platforms with advertising, and Twitter (X)… Well, I mean. Come on.

As for TikTok, there’s a general distrust about Chinese parent company, coming to a head in the last month with U.S. legislation banning it in the country unless it cuts ties with ByteDance.

On the opposite side of the scale, Apple rose to spot four on the most trusted brands in Australia list. Toyota was at spot five, and Samsung at spot 10 – not that these companies haven’t had a bit of controversy as of late. The top spot continues to belong to Bunnings Warehouse.

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