Rashida Jones Teams With a Mystery-Solving Robot In Sunny’s First Trailer

Rashida Jones Teams With a Mystery-Solving Robot In Sunny’s First Trailer

Apple TV+ has released a trailer for Sunny, its new “ten-episode darkly comedic mystery series” pairing star Rashida Jones with a talking robot.

Based on the novel The Dark Manual by Colin O’Sullivan, the series— hailing from showrunner Katie Robbins, executive producer/director Lucy Tcherniak and Rashida Jones, herself — follows Suzie, “an American woman living in Kyoto, Japan, whose life is upended when her husband and son disappear in a mysterious plane crash. As ‘consolation’ she’s given Sunny, one of a new class of domestic robots made by her husband’s electronics company. Though at first Suzie resents Sunny’s attempts to fill the void in her life, gradually they develop an unexpected friendship, as together they uncover the dark truth of what really happened to Suzie’s family, becoming dangerously enmeshed in a world Suzie never knew existed.”

The series’ co-stars Japanese actor/model Hidetoshi Nishijima as Suzie’s presumedly dead husband, actor and television personality YOU as the villainous industrialist Hime, Judy Ongg as Suzie’s mother in-law, Jun Kunimura as the roboticist, Yuki Tanaka, and Joanna Sotumura as the voice of Sunny the robot.


SUNNY — Official Trailer | Apple TV+

Notably, Sunny marks the second collaboration between Apple, A24 and Rashida Jones following Sofia Coppola’s 2020 film, On the Rocks—another story about a woman suspicious of her husband’s whereabouts. In fact, the series’ appears to be the latest in a long string of limited series’ tackling similar subject matter also at Apple TV+, including The Last Thing He Told Me with Jennifer Garner, Monarch: The Legacy of Monsters with Kurt Russell and Dark Matter with Joel Edgerton suspicious of himself. This does appear to be the first to add a wise-cracking robot to the mix, though, adding a salacious tint to the similar-but-very-different 1987 children’s film, Too Much.

Sunny premieres June 10, 2024 Apple TV+.

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