Siri Will Be Better in 2024, But Its True Genius Won’t Arrive Until 2025

Siri Will Be Better in 2024, But Its True Genius Won’t Arrive Until 2025

Normally, we have to wait a few months after Apple’s big WWDC conference before getting the full iOS release on iPhones. But now, thanks to AI, this year’s release schedule will look very different. Apple’s been a little vague about what new “Apple Intelligence” features are coming to iPhones immediately, especially the brand-new redesigned Siri. We’ll see a slightly better Siri by the tail end of this year. The bigger, badder, true AI assistant won’t rear its head until the next go around the Sun.

We already have some idea that some of the new AI features, including Siri, will arrive in 2025. They’ll also be restricted to the iPhone 15 Pro, the iPhone 16, and the latest iPads with M-series chips. Now, according to a report by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, we know the AI features are getting a staggered release. In 2024, we’ll see a more limited set of AI features. This will include some aspects of the new Siri interface that distorts the edges of your phone instead of showing up with the great glowing orb at the bottom of the screen.

Anonymous sources tell Gurman that Siri will be more conversational and have the promised capability to offer tips and how-tos for the full range of Apple products sometime this year. Type to Siri is also slated for later this year, benefiting those who don’t want to be snippy with Siri on the subway.

These capabilities might not be available for the initial iOS 18 fall release, but they could be available before the end of the year. As for the big promises for Siri, like the contextual understanding of users’ iPhones, it won’t be here until 2025. Siri’s “semantic” capabilities and ability to control apps on your device at your request won’t be here until next year. Apple is reportedly still working on training its models, especially in languages other than English. Non-English speakers may have to wait quite a while before seeing any of these new AI capabilities.

Apple is reportedly still building its cloud infrastructurefor all these new AI requests. This is also supposed to be the Cupertino company’s big push for ultra-secure AIto protect users’ privacy.

The big new ChatGPT integration is slated for this year, but you’ll need to have the latest, most expensive iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models even to use it (of course, you could download the ChatGPT app that’s been around for well more than a year). According to Gurman, even that feature may not be around by the end of 2024. Apple is reportedly still in talks with Google and Anthropic about incorporating those companies’ AI models.

The rest of the big iOS 18 changes are supposed to arrive this fall as usual, though users will have access to the betas earlier than that if they’re willing to act as Apple’s guinea pigs. Just remember to back up your phone if you’re considering taking the iOS 18 plunge.

Image: Apple

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