Terry Matalas Has Found Things to Do Besides Waiting For a Star Trek: Picard Spinoff

Terry Matalas Has Found Things to Do Besides Waiting For a Star Trek: Picard Spinoff

Last month, it was revealed Star Trek: Picard showrunner Terry Matalas was heading up a Disney+ show for Vision after his White variant departed WandaVision. Matalas now has another project lined up alongside that, which is good news for him, but not so good news for anyone holding out hope for him to continue any of Picard’s lingering threads.

Per the Hollywood Reporter on Friday, Matalas has been tapped to write a remake of 20th Century Fox’s 1985 film Enemy Mine. The original film starred Dennis Quaid as a human pilot named Davidge and the late Lou Gossett Jr. as Jerry, a reptilian alien who crash land on an inhospitable planet and have to work together to survive, with Davidgeeventually tasked with caring for Jerry’s baby. Despite its troubled production (including the firing of original director Richard Loncraine) and low box office, the film took on a cult status, and since it’s the summer of remake announcements, what’s one more to the list?

Between that and Vision, Matalas is going to be busy for a bit, in turn meaning it’ll likely be a while before he gets to his proposed follow up to Picard. Before and after the show wrapped its final season last year, he and several of the show’s actorsactors talked up a hypothetical Star Trek: Legacy series that’d function as the Next Generation equivalent to Star Trek: Strange New Worlds. Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine leading the adult kids of several Next Generation characters on weekly adventures (with potential cameos from their parents) was an idea fans really glommed onto, but since Paramount didn’t get that ball rolling once Picard wrapped, Matalas got scooped up by Disney.

Hope for Legacy still exists among the cast, and Patrick Stewart’s even said a movie for his Enterprise captain is in the works to help build off the show’s momentum. Should Matalas not return to Paramount once Vision and Enemy Mine wrap, that film may be the closest equivalent to his would-be show that Trek fans get.

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