This Is the New Fastest EV in the World

This Is the New Fastest EV in the World

It seems like just yesterday that Aspark was pushing the boundaries of physics by getting its Owl electric hypercar to sprint from 0-60 in under two seconds. In reality that was six years ago, and now every EV automaker can make a sub-two 0-60 run, so Aspark had to set its sights a little higher. Working with Italian partner Manifattura Automobili Torino and Bridgestone to develop a bespoke tire, Japan’s unique Owl hypercar is now the fastest EV on the face of the planet. By running 272.6 miles per hour at the Papenburg test track in Germany, the Owl managed to smash the standing record set by the Rimac Nevera (256 miles per hour back in 2022).

“It has been about 10 years since we started working on the Owl hypercar. We aimed for the world’s fastest accelerating car, then attempted and achieved the top speed world record today with our new hypercar Owl SP600,” said Masanori Yoshida.

Prior to the top speed run Aspark and MAT put the SP600 version of the Owl through a battery of virtual and physical tests, including wind tunnel validation and several arduous days of on-track testing. The Owl has changed significantly since its 2018 acceleration run, with a more refined and finished shape. The car used to look like a squashed Corvette, but now it’s got the shape of a real deal hypercar with the top speed chops to back it up.

This car isn’t quite the fastest in the world, though it’s faster than speed icons like the McLaren F1 or Bugatti Veyron. Koenigsegg claims the Jesko Absolut can run at 330 miles per hour, though that claim remains unproven. The fastest tested top speed on Earth for a production automobile is Bugatti’s Chiron Super Sport 300+, which ran 304.8 mph. You can bet that the Bugatti consumed a shit load of gasoline in the process, however, while the Owl flies on cheap electricity.

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