This Tiny GoPro-Like Camera Will Make Your Pets Into 4K Action Stars

This Tiny GoPro-Like Camera Will Make Your Pets Into 4K Action Stars

If I ever get my hands on a stick-anywhere action camera, I’d first attach it to the collar of my friend’s greyhounds. If you’re like me and you truly want to know what your pets are up to every day, the Insta360 GO 3S might be your best bet. It’s an update from last year’s GO 3, but now it’s shooting in 4K at 30 FPS and should be able to capture with less distortion thanks to a wider lens.

As far as updates go, the GO 3S, starting at $US400 with 64 GB of storage, is a rather simple though significant step up for those who want to shoot small at higher resolutions. The previous GO 3 supported a max of 2.7K, though the new camera’s 4K capabilities combined with its own mount-anywhere technology makes for an interesting combo. Insta360 boasts that the new camera has a better processor, while the so-called “Action Pod” now features a wider 16mm lens with a bigger FOV compared to the previous GO’s 11mm. This should allow for less distortion in shots.

The camera is essentially two parts: the main body and the oval camera section. The pod clips onto the camera section or any number of accessories like the magnetized shirt clamp. With some ingenuity, you can place the sensor pretty much anywhere, whether on a stable platform overlooking your desk or on a helmet during a snowboarding session. Now, if you happen to lose your pod while thrashing, the 3S supports Apple Find My.

As far as action cams go, the space is currently dominated by GoPro and its flagship Hero12 Black. That rugged little rectangle is more of an outdoorsy camera made to take some pretty big falls, akin to Insta360’s Ace Pro. That camalso supports 4K video (and up to 5.3K) in far more aspect ratios and framerates than the GO can and for about the same price. The GO 3S is more of a vlogging camera, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t fit the bill if you’re trying for more interesting shots where a regular DSLR or phone can’t go. The Hero12’s big new feature last year was the ability to shoot vertically natively, but now the GO 3S can shoot vertically just by flipping the pod around.

Inevitably, the resolution doesn’t matter nearly as much as the picture quality and general usability. We haven’t tested the more powerful 3S, but Gizmodo has used the GO 3 since last year. We found the magnets on its mounts were pretty sturdy while still being relatively light, lighter than a typical GoPro can possibly be. Still, the issue was that the pop-out lens itself was only rated for IPX4 water resistance, meaning it was only meant to take the odd splash, and even that was only when the pod and case were connected together.

Image: Insta360

The 3S now has an extra lens guard extending the water resistance to IPX8. That should keep things going for up to 33 feet underwater. So, if the dogs don’t like me sticking a camera on their collars, I’ll try attaching it to a large aquarium fish. Otherwise, the rest of the additions are supposed to improve visuals, including Dolby Vision support and better slow motion with 200 FPS at 1080p or 100 FPS at 2.7K

Of course, a lot of that requires a mount accessory sold by Insta360. The camera itself comes with a lens guard, a clip for a shirt or hat, and a stick-anywhere pivot stand. The company has a few more accessories, though we’ve ad-hoc a fair few of our own mounts with the odd piece of ferromagnetic metal. Now, the 3S seems like it could be a far better direct competition for GoPro’s mainline camera, at least in terms of resolution and durability.

The Insta360 GO 3S is available on its website now for $719.99 for the 64GB or $769.99 for the 128GB.