Until Dawn’s Movie Has Found Its First Victims

Until Dawn’s Movie Has Found Its First Victims

Supermassive Games’ interactive horror game Until Dawn is getting adapted to film, and it’s now locked down about half its primary cast of young adults turned potential murder victims.

Per Deadline, stars Ella Rubin (The Idea of You), Ji-young Yoo (Expats), Odessa A’zion (Sitting in Bars with Cake), and Michael Cimino (Love, Victor) are attached to join the film. Here’s where it gets interesting, though: the roles these actors are playing haven’t been revealed. PlayStation Productions head Asad Qizilbash told the outlet the film featues a new cast of characters that’ll build on whatever’s being conceived by director David Sandberg and writer Gary Daubermann.

In Until Dawn the game, eight college-age adults return to a mountain lodge years after two of their friends went missing. Qizilbash’s comment and PlayStation’s pursuit of “creative and authentic ways” to adapt its games suggest the movie won’t be a straight retelling, further supported by a secretive logline simply calling the film a “terrifying love letter to the horror genre.” If that’s the case, that’d be an interesting place to take things, given how the game’s had a huge following that allowed Supermassive to make other interactive horror games like The Quarry.

Changing up the story and characters of Until Dawn’s film would also continue PlayStation’s live-action approach. Last year’s HBO adaptation of The Last of Us took divergences or added onto the narrative of the original game, which they apparently intend to do for future seasons. The changes in that show were fairly well-regarded, and it had the added bonus of giving longtime fans some curveballs as far as what to expect. Can the same thing happen with Until Dawn’s movie, or future films and shows based on Horizon, Ghost of Tsushima, and God of War? We’ll find out in the coming years.

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