What Time Is the Roaring Kitty Bowl?

What Time Is the Roaring Kitty Bowl?

Just over three years ago Keith Gill, known as Roaring Kitty, became a Wall Street sensation, inspiring a pack of amateur investors to buy up shares of GameStop and briefly make it one of the world’s most prized stocks. The Twitter account for Roaring Kitty started tweeting last month and people blindly ran headfirstinto buying GameStop. On Thursday, a live stream on Gill’s YouTube show was scheduled, sparking an all-new frenzy of speculation.

Gill has yet to show his face since his accounts began to reactivate, and that’s left many with questions of whether he’s still running them. His activities inspired so much chaos that E*Trade and its parent company Morgan Stanley reportedly considered closing his trading account due to worries about stock manipulation. Still, it looks like Roaring Kitty is coming back in full force and Wall Street will be paying attention.

How to Watch the Return of Roaring Kitty

The Roaring Kitty YouTube channel has a scheduled live stream starting at 2am AEST on Saturday, June 8. So far on Thursday, the channel’s subscriber count jumped by 35,000to more than 724,000 subscribers with many currently in chat waiting for Gill’s return.


Roaring Kitty Live Stream – June 7, 2024

What Will Roaring Kitty Say?

Well, that is the million-dollar question, especially for Gill whose last Reddit post on Monday showed him having a portfolio stuffed with GameStop stock that, on paper, wasworth close to $US300 million. His streams typically last three hours but can go more than seven hours and usually consist of him showing his “homework,” which typically means various charts on what firms are betting against the stock, Gamestop’s SEC filings, and other news releases.

Or maybe the whole stream could be just some swerve as we’re still not totally sure that Gill is behind this recent comeback. He may have a legit analysis about GameStop’s stock value or this could all just be about vibes. Whatever the case, the announcement of his return to streaming already caused the video game retailer’s stock to shoot up by almost 40% on Thursday with fellow meme stock, AMC Theaters, going up by 10%.

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