Whatever Spielberg’s Mystery Sci-Fi Blockbuster Is, It’s Got Emily Blunt

Whatever Spielberg’s Mystery Sci-Fi Blockbuster Is, It’s Got Emily Blunt

Name any genre and chances are Emily Blunt has it on her resume—horror, action, rom-com, thriller, mystery, musical, historical drama—and not only that, the movies she stars in overwhelmingly tend to be blockbusters. One arena she’s especially succeeded in is science fiction—and now the star is joining one of sci-fi’s most anticipated new projects.

This news comes from Deadline, and while we don’t know much about said project, what we do know is solid gold: it’s Steven Spielberg’s mysterious May 2026 release from Universal and Amblin, with a script by Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds scribe David Koepp. The trade writes that “the project is described as a two-hander, so Blunt would be playing one of the leads.” When the release date for the as-yet-unnamed film was revealed last month, Variety described it as “a new original event film,” and theorized that it could be the UFO story the megawatt director was known to be working on.

UFOs, you say? Blunt’s battled militaristic aliens in Edge of Tomorrow, not to mention aliens with violently overdeveloped hearing in the Quiet Place movies. She is well-equipped to face any sort of invasion or close encounter the director of E.T. the Extraterrestrial, Close Encounters of the Third King, and War of the Worlds (to name just a few) can throw at her.

With Blunt’s casting, you have to guess we’ll soon be learning more about Spielberg’s future summer blockbuster. Are you excited for this first big piece of news?

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