You Can Buy a Polished Tesla Cybertruck if You Need Everyone to Hate You

You Can Buy a Polished Tesla Cybertruck if You Need Everyone to Hate You

The Tesla Cybertruck is possibly the most look-at-me vehicle on sale today with its bizarre shape and stainless steel bodywork, but what if you wanted something that stuck out from the crowd even more (in a bad way)? Well, folks now is your chance to do just that, because I’ve just stumbled upon the most attention-seeking Cybertruck to date. Listed for sale in Lincoln, Nebraska is a completely polished Cybertruck. Who knew the center of Hell was Nebraska?

Anyway, this Cybertruck – which looks like one of those passive houses from the show “The Curse,” – is being listed for an eye-watering $US149,999 at Concierge Motors in Nebraska. Not only does it come with the polished finish to set it apart, but the 1,500-mile truck also has 24-inch GPC V1 wheels rapped in 35-inch tires, according to the listing. I’ll be real, those look pretty good. Still, this reflective monstrosity will certainly garner the buyer a lot of attention, if that’s what they’re into.

Photo: Concierge Motors

Well honestly, I’m not totally sure if it will get a ton of attention based solely on the fact it’s going to be super hard to see. With a reflective surface like this, the Cybertruck is going to blend – in a rather hazardous way – into the background of wherever it is. Alternatively, because it’s so shiny, it could end up blinding people. Yikes, either way. That isn’t exactly good for things like “safety,” but what do Cybertruck owners care about the safety of those around them?

This isn’t the first polished Cybertruck to hit the streets. Earlier this month, another polished Cybertruck popped up in Joplin, Missouri. I don’t think these are the same trucks. Here’s more from Business Insider on the journey it took to polish an entire fucking truck:

Tyson Garvin, a boating enthusiast from Joplin, Missouri, knew he wanted to polish his Cybertruck from the moment he preordered it nearly five years ago.

“When we ordered it on Tesla’s announcement day, I knew I was going to polish it that day,” Garvin told Business Insider in an interview.


“I didn’t like it when I first got it,” he said. “It was actually very dirty when I picked it up. It was a very bad delivery experience. And just the look of it — the dull stainless steel isn’t evenly brushed.”

That’s when Garvin tapped Brylee Waits over in Neosho, Missouri, just south of Joplin.


“I wouldn’t say it was the hardest project,” Waits said. “I guess it was a tough project just because it’s never been done.”

Overall, Waits estimated that the job took about a week and 120 hours of work with three other employees.

Garvin feels this was a massive improvement to his truck – not only aesthetically, but practically as well.

“It doesn’t have all the porous stainless steel that holds all the oil from your fingerprints,” he said, adding that bugs and dirt also made the truck hard to clean.

But with the polishing job, Garvin said the vehicle was much easier to maintain.

“The more you clean it, the shinier it gets,” Garvin said.

Since Garvin posted his Cyebrtruck online, Waits says he has gotten over 60 inquiries about polishing Cybertrucks and he has a handful currently waiting to be polished.

Photo: Concierge Motors

Polishing a Cybertruck sort of feels like the 2024 analog for people murdering out their Hummer H2s before the Great Recession. It may be cool to a few freaks right now, but in 15 years time, we’re going to look back and wonder what the hell society was going through to let this happen.

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