You Need to Update Your Windows PC Now

You Need to Update Your Windows PC Now

I know that Windows PCs tends to get a lot of updates, but this is one of those situations where you should probably hit the update button as soon as possible.

The Register had the scoop last week with an exceptional Windows vulnerability, that Microsoft has now patched. The vulnerability would be exposed when the computer is on public Wi-Fi, and it has been lurking about since February at the earliest, with the name CVE-2023-50868.

It’s a bit on the technical side as to how this bug could ruin your day, but it’s all contingent on public Wi-Fi. If you were connected to the same public Wi-Fi network as a bad actor, then they could deploy a malicious line of code to you, and take control of your system.

If you want a more technical explanation, well, here’s what Microsoft wrote:

“CVE-2023-50868 is regarding a vulnerability in DNSSEC validation where an attacker could exploit standard DNSSEC protocols intended for DNS integrity by using excessive resources on a resolver, causing a denial of service for legitimate users. MITRE created this CVE on their behalf.”

The silver lining is it’s not as big a deal on home networks where you’re likely (hopefully) more secure, and you can reasonably trust the devices connected. We recommend have a good password, and if you have a sufficiently capable modem, regularly check it for unidentifiable devices in your settings.

Your laptop is more susceptible to this bug than your desktop PC, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

But still, there’s a reason why this is was given a rating of ‘important’ by Microsoft itself.

If you’re not across how to force an update, go Windows key > type ‘update’ > click ‘check for updates’ > and then click the button in the top right to scan for updates. If an update has already been downloaded, you’ll see ‘Restart Now’ or ‘Update Now’ in place of the check for updates button.

If the update has already installed, then you can also apply the update during the next shutdown. Just click ‘Update and Shut Down’ or ‘Update and Restart’ next time you’re powering off.

Update your Windows computers!

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