You Will Be Waiting a While for Apple Intelligence on iOS 18

You Will Be Waiting a While for Apple Intelligence on iOS 18

Last week Apple announced its own AI offering, Apple Intelligence but for those who are hankering to try out the feature, you’re going to be waiting a while. 

According to Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s Apple guy, the Apple Intelligence rollout will be a long drawn-out process. 

In his latest Power On newsletter, Gurman noted the Apple Intelligence rollout will be slow and stretch into the start of 2025. 

According to Gurman, Apple Intelligence will only be available to beta testers and developers around August, which is a month before the iPhone 16 launch. 

Even then, when it launches in Aussie spring, Gurman said it will come as a preview, not as the real deal. 

“It will only work on a subset of Apple’s devices and only in American English. In some cases, users may even have to join a waitlist to use features.” 

Image: Apple/Gizmodo

So, if it comes out in American English, will it even be available to us Aussies later this year?

This is rather disappointing for those, like myself, who were very excited to try Apple Intelligence and its fun features and avoid others.

But on the other hand, Apple won’t have to ahem, recall anything, they can spend time working on the features so when it does come out, it won’t be a messy, janky experience. 

Gurman also made a good point noting that training AI models takes a heck of a lot of time so starting off with American English gives the Cupertino company breathing room.

He also noted that global availability could “take years”, so Apple Intelligence might not be on every compatible device by the beginning of 2025.

We also have no idea which features will come first, will it be smart Siri or the ChatGPT integration straight off the bat? Who knows. 

But as soon as we know, we will let you know.

If you’ve downloaded the iOS 18 beta, you already know that Apple Intelligence isn’t installed on it. Besides, Apple Intelligence will only come to a handful of devices with Apple’s neural chips but even then they won’t get it until much later this year. 

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Image: Apple/NBC Universal