This Hair Dryer Is More Expensive Than a Dyson and Dare I Say Better?

This Hair Dryer Is More Expensive Than a Dyson and Dare I Say Better?

When the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer came out I remember how gagged the girlies were. We were in shock, a completely different way to make a hair dryer that also doesn’t destroy your hair? Colour (my roots) impressed!

But when you are a game changer like Dyson, expect other brands to follow suit. 

Most of the time the brands are cheaper and produce a low-quality dupe but when the big brands come up to bat, they hit it out of the park.

Enter the Cloud Nine Airshot Pro hair dryer, this is the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer dupe we’ve all been waiting for. 

For those who don’t know, Cloud Nine is a very respected hair tool brand, if you’re a haircare aficionado you’ll know the name, if not. Just think of them as the Apple or Samsung of haircare tools. 

Plus the Cloud Nine Airshot Pro hair dryer is still pricey and goes for $499 so it’s not cheap it’s on par with the Dyson Supersonic’s price, in fact, its more expensive than some of its models.

But once again, Cloud Nine is a respected haircare brand by hairstylists and other hair care pros. So I’d expect to be paying top dollar for its high-end hair dryer. 

I’ve been testing out this hair dryer for the past month and I’ve been blown away (sorry) by just how good it is.

More than hot hair

The Cloud Nine Airshot Pro has three buttons, one for power, one for heat control and the other for airflow. The heat and air power has three options. When I was using it, I tended towards the most heat and the most amount of air. 

When I have to blow dry my hair it usually means I’m in a rush and already late, so naturally I want the most power always. 

Image: Athina Mallis

My traditional Remington hair dryer that I’ve had for who knows how long now, blasts my hair with a very high amount of heat, that might send my hairdresser into a spiral. 

It also meant my hair was dry in a very quick amount of time, I’d say 4-5 minutes. With the Airshot Pro, I was very impressed that it took around 7-8 minutes to completely dry my long hair. Especially when the hottest setting won’t singe my scalp, but that 8 minutes was on the highest amount of heat and air.

Sure I’m sacrificing three sacred minutes compared to my old faithful, but I will say, the Airshot Pro doesn’t leave my hair in a frizzy mess and styles it quite nicely.

No more damage

The thing about hair drying is you are most likely sacrificing your hair quality for a quick dry. I know there have been periods of my life where I would constantly be reaching for my hair dryer and seeing the effects of the artificial heat on my locks.

The thing about the Cloud Nine Airshot Pro is that it didn’t damage my hair whatsoever, it felt healthy and didn’t make me look like a frizz ball post-drying session.

This is because this hair dryer is an Ionic hairdryer, which means it produces negatively charged ions that break down the positively charged molecules. The pros of negative ions are they don’t open hair shafts, which usually create frizz and damage hair. This means once you’ve dried your hair it remains smooth and sleek.

Image: Athina Mallis


This hair dryer is also very light, which is important to consider when you have to hold your arms up for close to ten minutes. Using it to dry my long locks I didn’t feel like my arms were going to fall off at any point.

The Cloud Nine Airshot Pro comes with two tools, a diffuser and a drying nozzle, which is a bit disappointing. For the $499 price tag I would expect a few more tools for me to play around with.

Verdict: Should you buy the Cloud Nine Airshot Pro hair dryer?

If you’re tossing up between the Cloud Nine or the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, it’s a much of a muchness. They’re both ionic dryers but one is a tad more expensive.

For those who are Dyson die-hards stick with what you know, if you’re looking for a change or a hair dryer like this, grab the Cloud Nine Airshot Pro. 

The Cloud Nine Airshot Pro is $499 and can be bought at Adore Beauty and Cloud Nine

Image: Athina Mallis/Gizmodo Australia

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