Cobra Kai Season 6’s First Trailer Has Global Stakes and Miyagi Secrets

Cobra Kai Season 6’s First Trailer Has Global Stakes and Miyagi Secrets

Later this month, Cobra Kai returns for its sixth and final season, and your ass-kicking first look is finally here. Netflix just released the first trailer for the show and in it, you’ll see the now united dojo’s of the Valley training for their biggest test yet, the return of an unstoppable enemy, and a tantalizing tease.

The first five episodes of Cobra Kai season six will be out on July 18, telling one-third of the story, with the second part on November 28 and the final part in 2025. Below, you can see the trailer for just the first five and there’s lots to talk about.


The biggest takeaway here is just what does it look like when Miyagi-Do, lead by Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio), teams up with Eagle Fang, lead by Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka)? They say they’re on the same page, but are they?

We also see the return of John Kreese (Martin Kove) who escaped prison at the end of season five. Who are these students he’s with in the trailer and what might they have in store for Daniel and Johnny? Finally, that Pulp Fiction tease at the end when Daniel opens a box hidden by his long-time master, Mr. Miyagi. Cobra Kai has largely kept anything Miyagi off limits for the show’s first five seasons but now, as we near the end, it seems that’s going to change.

We’ll begin to find out what all that means on July 18 when five of the final season’s 15 episodes debut on Netflix. Catch up here.

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