Need a Cheap Airfare? Give Google Flights a Go

Need a Cheap Airfare? Give Google Flights a Go

Google has tonnes of cool features, from reverse image searching to in-built games to the ability to sort through products available from online stores all over the world in an easy-to-read tab. But a service you might not know about or use all that much is Google Flights, Google’s air travel booking service.

Let’s answer some burning questions about Google Flights, in case you’re keen on taking to the air for your next holiday. It’s just one of Google’s genuinely great web searching features.

What is Google Flights?

Think of Google Flights as similar to Flight Centre or Webjet, except it’s operated with a Google account and can appear in Google Search when you’re searching for travel options.

With the above said, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s not an end-to-end flight brokerage service. This means that you won’t be able to book the flights through the Google Flights website itself, and although you can find flights within a specified timeframe to a specified airport through the app, you’ll need to do the actual spending elsewhere.

How to use Google Flights

Start by navigating to the Google Flights homepage. You’ll immediately be prompted to select your destination airport and the airport you’re leaving from, along with dates, the option for return flights and how many tickets you want.

Once you’ve selected the requirements of the flights you need, click the search button and you’ll immediately be shown results.

At this menu, you’ll be shown a list of possible air travel options, but also a button called ‘track prices’. If you select this, you’ll be sent email alerts whenever the flights within your travel requirements change prices.

google flights
Image: Google Flights/Gizmodo Australia

Once you’ve found a flight or flights that work within your budget and time constraints, click through it, and you’ll be taken to a description page. Interestingly, Google also lists the emissions created by the travel options on offer.

You’ll then be presented with a list of booking options, either from the flight operators or separate booking websites. Clicking through to these you’ll be taken to separate websites, where you can process the transaction.

Is Google Flights available in Australia?

Google Flights is available in Australia and you can book a flight to any major airport using the app.

Do I need to pay for Google Flights?

No, Google doesn’t take a cut when you organise air travel through this service. Of course, you’ll need to spend money when it comes to actually booking the travel on the brokerage websites, but not when searching with the Google tool.

Should I book with Google Flights?

Google presents a compelling and easy-to-use tool when searching for national and international travel, but it doesn’t process the transaction for you.

If you’d like to pay for your flights on the same website that you search for them (like Flight Centre or Webjet), then you’d have to go elsewhere.

The application that Google offers gives you a useful snapshot of costs and times, including time-of-year travel alerts for when costs are low, but it’s not built for processing transactions.

Happy flying.

Image: Google

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