MORNING SPOILERS: See Bill Skarsgård as The Crow

MORNING SPOILERS: See Bill Skarsgård as The Crow

Bruce Timm teases the earliest days of Batman’s career in Batman: Caped Crusader. Elrond readies for war in a new look at The Rings of Power season 2. Plus, what’s coming on My Adventures With Superman, and another fiery new tease for Netflix’s Terminator anime. Spoilers, away!


According to Comic Book, Francis Ford Coppola’s Megalopolis has been rated “R” for “sexual content, nudity, drug use, language and some violence.”

Wicked: Part 1

Wicked: Part 1 will release one week earlier than previously expected this November 22—placing it in direct competition with Gladiator II. [ABC News]

The Crow

Empire has a new image of Bill Skarsgård’s Eric Draven in the upcoming adaptation of The Crow.

Photo: Lionsgate


Blade Runner 2099

Variety reports Dimitri Abold, Lewis Gribben, Katelyn Rose Downey, Daniel Rigby, Johnny Harris, Amy Lennox, Sheila Atim and Matthew Needham have joined the cast of Blade Runner 2099 in currently undisclosed roles.

Batman: Caped Crusader

Though she refused to reveal what character she’s voicing, Minnie Driver described Batman: Caped Crusader as “rad” in a new interview with Comic Book.

They will literally — some kind of alarm will go off, and I’ll be taken off in the back of a van if I told you anything about who I’m playing. But I’ve got to tell you, it’s so rad. The whole show, it’s rad — it’s great.

Meanwhile, Bruce Timm told Empire the series’ takes place “so early” in Batman’s career it’s more “week two” than Year One.

Batman is so early in his career that in the first episode, he’s still an urban myth. It’s not Year One. It’s more like ‘Week Two’.

Later in the same interview, Timm detailed Hamish Linklater’s “spooky” take on Bruce Wayne.

I wanted to make him kind of weird, and spooky. If you’re stuck in a room with Batman, whether you’re Commissioner Gordon or Barbara Gordon or Renee Montoya, you don’t feel comfortable. You’re kind of like, ‘What is this guy? What’s this all about?’ He weaponises Alfred. He’s not Batman’s surrogate father anymore. He’s a guy that’s going to enable him to fight crime. That’s how focused [Bruce] is. It’s a weird take on him. But it’s something I don’t think we’ve seen before.

Poker Face

Production has officially begun on the second season of Poker Face according to director Tony Tost on Twitter.


The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

Empire also has a new image of Elrond in the second season of The Rings of Power.

Photo: Amazon

One Piece

According to a script cover posted to the live-action One Piece’s official Twitter page, the second season premiere is titled ‘The Beginning and the End.”


Reginald the Vampire

Spoiler TV has a synopsis for “The Final Countdown,” this week’s episode of Reginald the Vampire.

The end of every vampire on the planet unless Reginald saves the day.

Terminator Zero

Netflix has released a new poster for its upcoming anime series, Terminator Zero.


My Adventures With Superman

Finally, Brainiac attaches the Black Mercy to Kal-El in a new clip from this week’s episode of My Adventures With Superman.


EPISODE 8 EARLY PREVIEW | My Adventures Superman | adult swim

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