The Best Gadgets of June 2024

The Best Gadgets of June 2024

Who has time for summertime sadness when there are new gadget releases to check out? This month, we got an update on the Insta360 GO and a new mini-LED QLED from Sony. We also went hands-on with the ROG Ally X, which boasts a bigger battery than the Steam Deck. These waterproof JBL speakers are affordable and perfect for going out on the boat, bike, or wherever blasting music is somewhat socially acceptable. Here’s what we loved in June 2024.

Insta 360 GO 3S

Image: Insta360

The $US400 Insta360 Go 3S isn’t just an action camera for pets, but why would you use it for anything else? This is the update to last year’s GO 3 with up to 4K shooting at 30 fps—up from a maximum of 2.7K on the regular GO 3—so there’s less distortion as you move. The GO 3S has a wider lens than the regular GO 3—16mm compared to the previous GO’s 11mm—which helps cut down on edge distortion.

Samsung Odyssey OLED G8

Photo: Kyle Barr / Gizmodo

The $US1,300 4K Samsung Odyssey OLED G8 brings all the saturation and vividness of the brand’s smartphones to your gaming experience on a PC or console with a 240Hz maximum refresh rate. If that isn’t enough, the Odyssey will let you stream all your favorite apps and games without a console.

ROG Ally X

Photo: Kyle Barr / Gizmodo

The $US800 ROG Ally X launched this month, barely a year after its predecessor hit the scene. But it’s already boasting more promising battery life and performance due to its bigger battery pack and increased memory offering. The chassis has also been redesigned to be more comfortable for long-term gaming sessions.

Asus ProArt Laptops

Photo: Kyle Barr / Gizmodo

Asus’s new ProArt laptops are two-in-one devices with AMD and Qualcomm chips. They are part of the Microsoft Co-Pilot+ rollout, but at least they seem more promising than the other manufacturers’ AI-first PCs. The base ProArt P16 laptop is basically an ROG Zephyrus G16 gaming laptop in a thinner, tote-able chassis.

Sony Bravia 7 Mini-LED QLED 4K TV

Photo: Artem Golub / Gizmodo

Sony TVs continue to be compelling buys. The $US2,000 65-inch Sony Bravia 7 doesn’t stand out from the other QLEDs’ designs, but its HDR colors are bright and beautiful for watching content. The only caveat is that you need to ensure you don’t have any direct light shining toward the TV since it tends to produce glare.

JBL Clip 5 and Go 4

Photo: Dua Rashid / Gizmodo

Summertime is the perfect time to invest in a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, especially if you’re heading somewhere where you can enjoy listening to music. The JBL Clip 5 and Go 4 each weigh less than one pound, which makes toting them around in a backpack or beach bag an easy sell. They’re $US80 and $US50, respectively.