Skype Pro launches in Australia


Still steaming fresh in my inbox is news Skype Pro has launched in Australia. Quoth the release:

From today, people can choose to pay a low monthly fee of $3.20 and receive a range of exclusive features and benefits, such as:
– Zero cents per minute calling to domestic landlines within the same country. Connection fee applies.
– One Skype To Go number – International calls from your mobile/landline at local rates. Calls will be charged at standard local SkypeOut rates, along with local mobile/landline tarriffs.
– Skype Voicemail.
– $49 discount on SkypeIn numbers.
– Additional discounts on a series of Skype Extras also included, including call recording, desktop sharing, new ringtones and emoticons.

I hadn’t seen this Skype To Go thing before. You pick one overseas or mobile number, and Skype gives you a local number to dial instead – and dial that number from any phone, anywhere, to get that local rate.

I know Skype fans have been waiting on Skype Pro. So giddy up!