Breakfast Wrap: Best of the Weekend

Some feed hassles over the weekend, but we’re back in business. Here’s what was going on.

Scare your children with the Darth Vader bedside lamp.
Not exactly the most comforting night light.

Video with Jeff Han talking multitouch, iPhone, and stuff.
Blam catches up with the UI guru at Nextfest.

Entertainment cabinet with ventilation slots cools your junk without fans.
It’s a lot cheaper to cut your own. A LOT cheaper.

Apple iPod touch review.
Good in the face of greatness? I’ve ordered mine and I’ll share my take once it’s in hand.

New iPods don’t work with Linux, 3rd party apps.
Seems there is a new ‘feature’: a cryptographic checksum that denies any sync but iTunes. On the big three – touch, nano, classic. Bypass efforts are underway.

PLUS… there was a brief item that mentioned the evil SCO has filed for bankruptcy now they’ve lost their nasty Linux lawsuit. Thought that was worth a double mention to make your Monday a little brighter.