Breakfast Wrap: Best of Tuesday Night

MSI Wind Given 4.5 Out of Five By Laptop Magazine
MSI out-eee’s the Eee PC… Lokks like this particular market segment is starting to heat up.

Gigantic LEGO Tomcat F-14 Ready to Take Off
I need one. Don’t you? Doesn’t everybody? I wish the government would mandate that everybody got one of these to decorate thei loungeroom. That’s a government I would vote for.

Robot Dog from Hell Is Terminator’s Best Friend, My Worst Nightmare
If there’s one thing Aibo showed us, it’s that robot dogs just aren’t ready to be pets

Scientists Builds His Own Tiny Planet to Create a Magnetic Field
First people building a lego fighter jet, now a planet? What am I doing with my life?

Canned Bacon Guarantees Full Heart Failure in 24 Hours
I think eating cyanide would be better for you.