Unconfirmed: Palm’s Tablets Will Use HP’s Beats Audio, Cloud Storage

Yesterday’s photos of Palm’s Topaz and Opal tablets now have some rumoured specs to back them up, claims Engadget.

As we saw yesterday, the Opal will supposedly measure seven inches, with the Topaz coming in at a larger nine inches. That Opal will have a 1024×768 resolution screen – a TFT LCD, to be exact. The Topaz’s resolution, on the other hand, hasn’t been leaked as yet, though is believed to be in the same ballpark.

Now that Palm has a new owner, in the shape and form of HP, it’s not surprising HP has squeezed some of its Beats audio processing into the tablets, last seen in their Envy laptops and Dr Dre headphones. If you’re worried about storage for all those tunes, Engadget’s sources have told them that “tens of gigabytes” of cloud storage will be offered to the tablet owners.

Other rumours flying about include a giant Touchstone for wireless charging, like the Pre phones use, plus neat-sounding way of sending media and documents from the tablets to phones and back again, just by tapping them together. We know that technology is possible, thanks to the Bump app which has been around on the iPhone and Android for ages – technology which is also built into PayPal’s app.

Personally, I’m still finding it difficult to care about tablets, and I wish Palm had spent more time continuing their then-impressive range of phones before jumping on yet another bandwagon. I will however admit these tablets sound like they’re going to give more than the other Android clones are offering – I shall be watching, Palm, but don’t get too cocky on us now. [Engadget]

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