How To Stop The Simplest Form Of Video Game Cheating

While spit-screen gaming is the ideal means for two people to truly share a multiplayer experience, it’s not without its problems. Like cheating. A problem these two industrious souls have managed to overcome.

Above, witness exhibit A, which we’ll call the “ghetto method”. It involves some tape and a blanket. And the second player, who can now not see the top half of the screen, will get either very hot or get a very sore back. Or both.

Below, exhibit B, which we’ll call the “less ghetto” method, employing DHL courier packaging as a crude, if ingenious “barrier”.

I’m a fan of the “honesty” method myself. Mostly because I’m rarely that honest, and will use my view of the other player’s location to get an advantage every damn chance I can get.

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Republished from Kotaku

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