‘Stocking’ Is The New Best Stupid Internet Photo Fad

Planking? So earlier this year! Anyone can lie down on something. I do it every night on my bed. And I’m unconscious the whole time. But stocking — recreating the bizarre, hilarious world of stock photos — takes serious talent.

Thanks to Stocking Is the New Planking, a great Tumblr with a terrible name, we can all take part in this movement. It’s easy! Take your favourite stock photo. Say, this one of a “muscular and handsome man rising a dish with spaghetti stuck to it and checking the freshness. Get yourself a bowl of spaghetti, strike the pose, and boom, you’ve just Stocked! This one of a woman screaming at an exploding bouquet should be pretty easy to pull off, too.

Stocking delights me because it marks the convergence of the best of the internet with the real world — a step forward towards human utopia. Or the apocalyptic singularity. Either way, it’s kinda funny! Now we need to start acting out animated GIFs, and man will have reached the next plane. [Stocking Is the New PlankingThanks Annie!