Australians Only Use Most Apps For Two Weeks, Tops

It’s like something out of a sad Pixar movie. You see a new, shiny app. You install it, opening it twice a day for two minutes and 26 seconds at a time — almost twice the global average. You love it, its going to change the way you eat/workout/organised your emails/message your friends.

Then two weeks later, it is forgotten.

Just another app on the scrap heap created by 89.5 per cent of Australian smartphone users.

Australia’s mobile phone penetration steadily growing to the 85 per cent it is at now, with an increase to 88.6 per cent expected by 2019. We love our smartphones, and we love our apps. But our retention rate is only 10.5 per cent, says app-analytics company adjust — and it means developers need to take note if they want their app to be a long term success.

“Adjust’s latest benchmark report highlights the need for mobile app marketers to think beyond install numbers and start thinking about user engagement in their app,” says John Sardelic, Managing Director AU/NZ & SEA at Adjust.

Here’s a handy infographic from Adjust to see how we stack up against the rest of the world.