Groin shots ahoy on Vodafone live!


Word just to hand is that you can now get a regular dose of schadenfreude through Vodafone live!, with ninemsn launching free TV action on the network. Australia’s Funniest Home Videos is the real golden goose here – don’t we all want our fix of home grown unintentional Jackass / YouTube moments wherever we go?

For those with no sense of humour, you can watch Getaway, The Footy Show Comedians (What’s that? Some kind of stand up snippets, I guess), and the 2007 Tropfest films. Not a bad bunch of clips to kill some time in transit.

Maybe AFHV should be best left to the privacy of our homes. Is it really civil to laugh out loud in public at other people’s misfortune, even if it is only a vid on your mobile?