Masterful Halo 3 Xbox 360 on eBay Australia

halo3-ebay.JPGWhen you try and pull out the required TENS OF THOUSANDS (last look this had just broken $20,000), you can tell your S.O. it is for charity. Sick kids need your years salary!

It really is an awesome piece of work. Airbrushed Halo 3 art, signed by the team at Bungie.

This isn’t the first of the Konsoles for Kids charity auctions, with the earlier consoles getting a mix response ” some going below retail. But they were ‘damaged’, particularly the Kerri-Anne Kennerley Konsole, and does anyone really support the Queensland Reds? I’m sure this Halo 3 result is sure to make up for the mediocre earlier responses. The global response is such that they’re offering an NTSC console to the winner if necessary.

Check out the buyer information to see some of the recent auctions.

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