‘Made in China’ designer says ten years to reality


Remember that cool ‘Made in China’ computer concept design? And the fact the guy who made it, John Leung, is an Aussie? (Hi John!) Well he’s had a chat with PC World about concept, the design, and the future of such a pretty ‘dumb terminal’ idea.

I took all the time I could to investigate and found that there were so many PCs in the market that were made in china but none of which are actually made for China, it really inspired me to design one – so that even my grandmother and a three-year-old toddler will be interested in using.

It’s a good read, with a pretty solid vision that could well be a more viable long-term concept than the current OLPC initiatives. Could high-speed wireless networks open the door to a new breed of dumb terminal?

Next-Gen PC design made in Melbourne, for China [PC World Australia]