So what’s with all the piano black?


It’s the flavour of 2007 in the electronics scene, but how long is it going to take for people to realise piano black is more nuisance than desirable feature?

It looks awesome in pictures, but go to anywhere stocking these puppies and take a look at the floor stock. See that dust? See those grubby prints? You’ll be cleaning that shit constantly if you want the unit to look its best when friends come round.

I forgive Yamaha for adding this finish to their range. They have the birthright. But the rest of you folks doing this, take a hard look at yourselves ” and your kit ” and realise this is really about catalogue shots and not based on what is going to work in people’s homes.

I’m not alone, am I? My prediction is this trend will sadly last until Christmas ’08, but the 2009 refresh cycle will see something different coming along. Matte finish anyone? Back to brushed steel?