Aussie pirate gets four years in Gitmo. No, wait, just a US prison.

pirate-kid.jpgThere’s been some pretty hardcore pirate bashing lately, and I don’t mean the bad reviews for that latest Caribbean movie (take THAT, Disney!) They’re worse than real world thieves, apparently, because the dollar value of ‘goods’ stolen runs to billions of dollars! These guys are the Dr. Evil of thievery… if only they could work out how to turn it into cash like those pirates that make and sell actual discs in Asia, huh?

Anyway, seems one of our own bad guys, Hew Raymond Griffiths, formerly of Bateau Bay on the NSW Central Coast, has now met his match in the form of a US prison cell where he’ll spend the next 15 months of a 51 month sentence (he earned time served after spending years in a local cell while fighting extradition).

Well, there’s falling in with a bad crowd, and then there is getting involved with a Russian warez crew (the notorious DOD). If I lived on the Central Coast, I’d probably take up surfing.

US gaols Aussie piracy kingpin [SMH]
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