Epson TW1000 price cut, sub $5,000!


Epson has announced that their earlier price of $6,999 for the TW1000 1080p projector has now been reduced to a ridiculously enticing $4,999. That’s sub $5,000 for one of the best home theatre projectors I’ve had the pleasure of playing with (admittedly, I haven’t played with as many as some folks – particularly up the high-end).

I’ve got one here for testing right now, and I agree whole heartedly with everything mentioned in the earlier review by the mothership. This thing looks stunning, with plenty of tweaks to get the image and colour just how you like it.

The one problem I found was no keystone control, so while the angled throw was close to spot on, I’d have liked a control over the shape of the final image to square up the edges. Not a major drama, and Epson argue that they left it out because high-quality video nuts wouldn’t want it anyway, as it only serves to degrade the final image quality.

I know when I sort out my living room (and own it), I’ll be eager to install one of these puppies with a ceiling mount for a perfect little hook up.